Support the Eastfield Centre

IMG_1146 - HeadPaul Renwick is the Development Worker for Fauldhouse Community Development Trust. His blog will keep you updated with the work that the Trust is doing in the community.  



For the last several months, Fauldhouse Community Development Trust has been in discussions with West Lothian Council about taking over the management of the Eastfield Centre.

The idea came about after several community groups approached the Trust with the suggestion that the building could be used for a number of community based activities.

A working group consisting of several of these local community groups and interested residents was formed to take this idea forward.

The group has been extremely busy over the last few months and has successfully raised the funds to carry out some essential repairs in the building including the purchase of a new boiler.

Since joining the Trust in June, I have been continually impressed by the dedication of the group and the love that there is in the community for the Eastfield Centre.

Main Hall 1

The Main Hall at the Eastfield Centre will be available to rent for events and activities.

All the hard work is close to paying off as discussions with West Lothian Council are close to reaching their conclusion. The Trust hope to take over the management of the Eastfield Centre in the spring.

We want the building to be a creative and vibrant space that the whole community can be proud of. To ensure that this happens, we need your help now.

There is a lot that requires to be done in the coming months to ensure that the building is success. Are you able to help with any of the following tasks:

  • Do you have any ideas for events or activities that you would like to see run at the Eastfield Centre?
  • Are you able to organise or assist with a fundraising event?
  • Do you have experience of photography or video production?
  • Could you run a stall promoting Eastfield?

No matter what your skills, we would be delighted to hear from you. The next meeting of the Eastfield Centre Working Group is on Wednesday 22nd February at 6pm at the Trust’s office on 10 Main Street, Fauldhouse, EH47 9HX. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

If you can’t make the meeting, but are still interested in getting involved, please call me on 01501 773 699 or e-mail

Creating a Football Memory

IMG_1146 - HeadPaul Renwick is the Development Worker for Fauldhouse Community Development Trust. His blog will keep you updated with the work that the Trust is doing in the community. 



Here in Fauldhouse, we are very lucky that there is a strong sense of community spirit. Every week there are various social events taking place here at the FCDT Hub, the Partnership Centre, the local churches and housing associations to assist local people.

What makes these events and activities so important is that it provides an opportunity for people to come together, socialise and make new friends. I think that it is important that there are as many opportunities as possible for people to reach out and connect with each other as loneliness and isolation is a growing problem in our communities.

Evidence produced by charities such as Age UK, the Campaign to End Loneliness and Action for Children shows that:

  • Over 9 million people feel lonely in the UK – which amounts to almost one fifth of the whole population.
  • A quarter of parents have reported always or often feeling lonely.
  • 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for over a month.
  • One in four people with disabilities report feeling lonely on a daily basis.

Loneliness and isolation is something that can affect anyone and there are some fantastic projects out there trying to tackle the problem.

Last week, I had the privilege to visit Tynecastle Stadium to see the work that the Big Hearts Community Trust are doing with their Football Memories programme. The Football Memories project working in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland takes place on the second and last Tuesday of the month and invites individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s along to share their football memories of the past.

The sessions are run by volunteers and it was truly inspiring to see the difference that the project is making.


A great afternoon was had at the Football Memories Group run by the Big Hearts Community Trust.

This was highlighted in a conversation that I had with one of the carers who said that her husband who has an extremely limited short term memory is always able to remind her when the group is meeting that month. She also added that after attending the group he is like a different person and is able to talk freely and fluently.

What was also striking was as well as providing benefits to individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the group was a great opportunity for their carers to meet and talk with people in a similar situation to themselves.

Here in West Lothian, similar groups are already running. The West Lothian Youth Foundation have worked closely with NHS Lothian and the local schools to encourage older people to produce memory books highlighting football of the 1960s and 1970s.

What makes these projects so impressive are their ability to reach out to people and provide an outlet where individuals can be themselves. It is clear that football has the ability to bring people together no matter what your age or background.

Fauldhouse Community Development Trust are currently exploring the possibility of starting a Football Memories group here in Fauldhouse.  The group will be open to anyone and we would like to hear from you if you would be interested in attending the group or are perhaps interested in volunteering with the group.

You can contact me at The Hub, the phone number is 01501 773 699, my e-mail address is or feel free to pop into the Hub on 10 Main Street to find out more.   

Happy New Year

IMG_1146 - HeadPaul Renwick is the Development Worker for Fauldhouse Community Development Trust. His blog will keep you updated with the work that the Trust is doing in the community. 



Happy New Year. This time of year is often about making New Year’s resolutions. So, I decided that mine would be starting a blog where I can keep everyone updated with the work that Fauldhouse Community Development Trust is doing in the community.

I decided that my first blog would be about a new report that has been produced outlining some exciting potential projects in Fauldhouse.

The work behind this report began back in Spring 2016 when funding was provided by the Scottish Government and West Lothian Council to undertake a charrette exercise called Fauldhouse Focus.

A charrette is an extensive community engagement aimed at bringing together local residents, businesses, charities and other bodies with the aim of creating a shared vision and list of priorities for Fauldhouse.

This process involved a series of workshops which took place in the Fauldhouse Partnership Centre over three days in May. Conversations focussed on three key areas:

  • Living in Fauldhouse – housing, safety and the environment.
  • Activity in Fauldhouse – interests, fitness and play.
  • Moving in Fauldhouse – buses, trains, walking, cycling and parking.

Based on these conversations, a report has now been produced containing a list of projects and activities that could be delivered in Fauldhouse. The full report can be found at

Though, this report is just beginning. To ensure that the right projects are being delivered and the right issues are being tackled in Fauldhouse, we need local people to have their say on an on-going basis.

A group has been set-up called the Fauldhouse Regeneration Group which is meeting on Thursday 26th January at 6pm in the Fauldhouse Partnership Centre to take these ideas forward. Everyone is welcome and is an opportunity for you to have your say.

If you would like more information on the group or want to find out more, feel free to pop into the Trust’s office at 10 Main Street, Fauldhouse, EH47 9HX or call 01501 773 699.