The Hub Refurbishment

FCDT bought a building to create a self-sustaining facility for the communities of Fauldhouse and the Breich Valley.

Ownership of 10 Main Street, Fauldhouse was obtained on 31 March 2010. 95% of the purchase price was awarded by the Big Lottery Growing Community Assets fund and the remaining 5% came from LEADER (European funding).

The Hub during its refurbishment

10 Main Street during its refurbishment

The building refurbishment was completed by May 2011. Funding for the construction works and new equipment needed came from the Lottery Growing Community Assets fund, The Levenseat Trust (Landfill Tax), Third Sector Enterprise Fund (Scottish Government) and LEADER (European funds).

The Hub provides premises for the FCDT and is the base for the FCDT’s current and future projects. West Lothian Social Enterprise Network (WLSEN) and Delivered Next Day Personally CIC (DNDP) are both currently housed in The Hub.

The interior being refurbished

Initial running costs have been mostly grant funded (by the Lottery), with an ever increasing amount raised through income generation. Income is raised from room rentals and project management. The intention is for the building to be self-sustaining in five years.

Here are some of the ideas for The Hub that came from our original community consultation

  • A venue for positive activities for local people, including health walks, youth events, arts & crafts/sewing/cooking workshops, and a Community Cinema
  • Retail space for small social economy groups and local businesses
  • Office space for voluntary organisations and social economy groups
  • Printing and administration services for community groups, social economy groups and local businesses
  • An outreach venue for various West Lothian-wide agencies involved with employment, business start-up assistance, skills training, volunteering, youth projects etc.
  • A coffee area for people to socialise (without alcohol) and meet informally
  • A soft play area for pre-school children (closed till further notice)
  • A gallery for local artists and educational displays
  • Access to all types of information

Solar Electricity PV (Photovoltaic) Panels

Renewable Resources Scotland Ltd installed solar cells to the roof to generate our own electricity from the sun. We could meet a big part of our electricity costs, whilst reducing our carbon footprint, over the next 25 years.

We have a Community Hub sub-group, made up of Directors and volunteers. If you’re interested in getting more involved or finding out where we’re at with the project, contact us, and we can invite you to the next sub-group meeting.

What's on in Fauldhouse

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  Phone: 01501 773 699