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FCDT Trishaw fundraising

FCDT is in the process of becoming a Cycling Without Age Affiliate and raising funds to purchase a trishaw (rickshaw) for use in Fauldhouse.

This would enable Timebank participants and FCDT volunteers to take out elderly and less able members of the local community, who would not usually be able to get out to experience ‘the wind in their hair’. It would add a whole new dimension to the lives of elderly people and ensure they still feel part of the local community.

The video below shows the inspirational Falkirk project. More information about the project can be found at Cycling Without Age Scotland.

A trishaw and expenses linked with the vehicle (insurance, maintenance, storage, etc) will cost around £8,000-£10,000 so your donations can make a real contribution to a worthwhile project. Why not help raise funds for a trishaw in Fauldhouse by donating here?

Here’s FCDT Development Workers Ann and Lesley having their first experience on a trishaw (‘piloted’ by CWA Falkirk’s Christine Bell) at a recent CWA Scotland event in Falkirk. A ride on a trishaw can make you smile, whatever age you are. Imagine the positive impact if you were elderly, lonely or socially isolated.

Ann and Lesley test driving a trishaw through Callendar Park with
‘Pilot’ Christine at a recent CWA Scotland event in Falkirk

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