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Summer Programme at Eastfield Development Centre

The Summer Programme 2024 at Eastfield Development Centre is held on Monday 8 July to Thursday 1 August, every Monday - Thursday from 11am-2pm.


All activities are free and lunch is included. The programme suits children ages P1-P7. Activities include a variety of sports, beauty, arts, crafts, pottery, dance and more.


Booking is essential. For information and booking contact 01501 229 645 or email

British Heart Foundation Defibrillator installed

We are please to say that the British Heart Foundation defibrillator is now in its cabinet at the front of Eastfield Development Centre, 2 Eastfield Road, Fauldhouse.


It has been registered on The Circuit (the UK’s national defibrillator network) and is available for community use 24/7.

I'm sure you'll agree that this will be of huge benefit to the local community and hope it can help save lives.

The BHF’s free digital training tool can teach you to save a life in 15 minutes with just your phone and a cushion,

'Many of us will witness a cardiac arrest in our lifetime. Be ready for that day. The BHF’s digital training tool – RevivR, teaches you vital CPR skills and how to use a defibrillator in just 15 minutes on your mobile phone or tablet. Created by our medical experts, the tool will take you through a real-life scenario, so you feel prepared for an emergency. You never know when you'll need to give someone CPR, so learn today by taking the training at this link'

Struggling? New Eastfield Community Shop open!

F&BV CDT have opened a new community shop at Eastfield Development Centre. Are you struggling with the high cost of living at the moment? If so, the Eastfield Community Shop could be the place for you.

If you live in Fauldhouse or the Breich Valley, please come along to the Community Shop at Eastfield Development Centre, 2 Eastfield Road, Fauldhouse, EH47 9LE. 

The Eastfield Community Shop is open on

Tuesday 10am-12pm, 
Thursday 6pm-7pm and 
Friday 11am-12.30pm.


Membership is £5 per month. This entitles you to one visit per week for your food shop at greatly discounted prices but also unlimited visits for ‘free foods’. The Eastfield Community Shop has bread, eggs, tins and ambient items, toiletries available and much more.

Call Alex on 01501 229 645 during shop opening hours or just pop into EDC or The Hub for more information. You can also contact The Hub on 01501 773 699 for a wide range of information, support and advice services.

Barista training with Burnside School at
The Hub

F&BV CDT have worked in partnership with Burnhouse School (Skills Centre) to provide Barista training and work experience to the pupils at our weekly 'Coffee and Chat' morning on the newly installed Barista machine in The Hub.

A huge thankyou and well done to the students and teachers of Burnhouse School for their Barista coffee service (with a smile). It has been very well received.


Thanks also to everyone from the community who has supported this project and popped into The Hub for a cuppa and a blether on a Thursday morning.


One visitor's comment was that the coffee was '...better than Starbucks!'


Barista coffee is available at The Hub (during term time) on a Thursday morning from 10am-12pm. Just drop-in and support the young people involved!

F&BV CDT's newsletter

Here's the most recent edition of F&BV CDT's newsletter, Fauldhouse and Breich Valley Together. If you live in Fauldhouse or any of the Breich Valley villages, you should have received your copy through your letterbox towards the end of 2023.

Fear not if you didn't receive a copy, please see PDF link below for a digital version for you to download. 

We are planning to produce only two editions of our newsletter in 2024, instead of the usual three.

Download our last newsletter here.

If you wish copies of previous newsletters, please contact

Press Release 

Eastfield Development Centre is a key community resource and that will not change.

As Chair of the Board of Trustees of Fauldhouse and Briech Valley Community Development Trust (F&BV CDT) I am aware of the negative social media posts and a petition that is circulating in the community from an ex-Trustee.

While it is hugely disappointing that a former Board colleague is bringing the charity into disrepute in this way, I want to reassure the community that there is no need for a petition. We keep a record of all applications submitted, we are more than happy to discuss how the Trust operates and we plan a community open day at Eastfield Development Centre on the 31 May 2024.

The event is being held to highlight our plans, gather the communities ideas and suggestions, and to let people see the improvements made to the centre. There will be an opportunity to speak with staff, volunteers, Board members and partner organisations.

The trust spent 10 years negotiating the asset transfer of the Eastfield Development Centre from West Lothian Council and we remain dedicated to its development as a valued community resource.

The original funding for the asset transfer (WLC offset the purchase costs of the building) and redevelopment of the Eastfield Development Centre was secured (over the years) from The Scottish Land Fund, West Lothian Council, Coalfields Regeneration Trust, West Lothian Development Trust, Leavenseat Trust, among others.

The Hub Manager, and the Board of F&BV CDT, were actively working with partners to transfer the asset (Eastfield Development Centre) for the benefit of the community, long before any current manager for Eastfield had been recruited. Since then, a varied and community led programme has been in place at Eastfield.

Currently we are renovating the centre to improve the facilities and offer a greater programme of activities. We are delighted that a local contractor secured the current redevelopment contract and is providing young people with skills training. We will continue to support the skills training provided and develop (for example) our Youth Pathway Project at Eastfield Development Centre.

I can categorically assure the community that work at the Eastfield Development Centre will continue and the new refurbished centre will open within the next few weeks, with the user groups welcomed back to a premises that is fit for purpose.

Everyone will be aware of the funding situation for charities at the moment. It is dire. So when the current manager's contract came to an end in April 2024, we were not in a financial position to be able to underwrite the continuation of this salary.

We agreed as a Board to continue to pay the former manager, following the end of his contract period for a continued period of leave from our very slender reserves to give him time to secure another position, for which we wish him every success.

If anyone in the community would like to discuss the Eastfield Development Centre or the broader work of the trust, please contact manager Julie Smith. You can call 01501 773 699 email: or you can call into The Hub or Eastfield Development Centre.

F&BV CDT is a charity that is managed by the members, a board of Trustees, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Trustees must be local to the area. If you wish to be involved with our work and to shape our strategy and business plan for the community, please join us, become a member: contact details above or go to our website: for further information.

Thank you.

Robert Russell, Chair of F&BV CDT

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