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  • F&BV CDT have produced a quarterly newsletter ‘Fauldhouse and Breich Valley Together’. The newsletter contains, among other things, local information, and advice. It includes local articles and news about events and activities around Fauldhouse and the Breich Valley. The villages within the Breich Valley also contribute to the newsletter providing articles and information they would like circulated within their communities. The newsletter is delivered to every household within the Breich Valley. The newsletter also contains vital information on how to access crisis support and advice.

  • We provide space within the newsletter for advertising and local businesses.

  • We produce publications, information and publicity materials from The Hub. 

  • We produce this website ( which contains up to date information about F&BV CDT, The Hub and Eastfield Development Centre. 

  • We produce a community calendar on this website showing all F&BV CDT activities and for other organisations who wish to advertise their events and groups in the Fauldhouse and Breich Valley areas.

  • F&BV CDT participate in a wide range of partnership and regeneration meetings and networks, to share information, and to work with partners to improve local services and resources, provide access locally for local people.

  • F&BV CDT produce an Annual Report and Annual Audited Accounts which are open and accessible to our communities.

  • F&BV CDT also provide Design Services, producing publicity and marketing materials. We also design and produce Annual Reports for organisations such as Cycle Without Age Scotland, we also produced their publicity material for their Scottish Government presentations. We can also help with web design, presentations and a range of information sharing materials and tools.

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