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F&BV CDT manages, administers, and distributes, £10,000 on behalf of RES. This Community Benefit Small Grant Fund is available each year as part of F&BV CDT’s Small Grants Programme.

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This fund is available to constituted community groups and organisations with their own bank accounts. They must be operating within 5km of the Tormywheel Wind farm. Applications are available for funds between £250 and £2,000.

2023/24’s beneficiaries were:

  • Dignity Boxes

  • Bridge Community Project

  • Loganlea Miners Welfare Charitable Society

  • Fauldhouse Boxing Club

  • Lodge St John 374 Social Club Fauldhouse

  • Stoneyburn and Bents Childrens Galaday

  • Sport and Wellbeing for All Trust

  • Community Playgroups Fauldhouse

  • Fauldhouse United Football Club

  • Young at Heart

  • Older Peoples Group

  • Fauldhouse Miners Wefare

  • Remidy


Congratulations to all of the above small groups and organisations!

This year's Tormywheel funds/applications have now closed.

If you would like more information regarding this next round of funding please contact Julie Smith, Manager, The Hub, tel: 01501 773 699 or email: smallgrants@fauldhouse.

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